• We can machine finished components to a very high standard of accuracy and quality.

Our standalone cutting service can provide you with highly accurate finished 2d and 3d components or templates which can be jointed to fit together, and engraved with part numbers in the case of large assemblies. The accuracy of this kind of machining means that even very complex mating 2d and 3d components can be produced.

• We offer a full 3d cad modelling service.

We can produce designs and 3d models from scratch.  We can convert and work with existing cad files in most formats, or model designs from scratch based on hand drawn sketches. Our experience as furniture makers means that we’re problem solvers by nature. There’s nothing we like more than to be approached by a customer who has something they want to make, but needs someone to make it happen. We have both the ‘hands on’ and cad experience to do this.

• We can process existing designs for production.

We can find solutions to questions of design, production and assembly, by either reworking designs or advising so that you can make the necessary changes to make production more achievable, efficient and quicker.

• We can provide a complete assembly service.

As cabinetmakers with a fully equipped workshop, we can provide a full assembly service including pressing and gluing up of layered components, veneering, timber machining and re-machining of more complex glued up assemblies.